Tuesday, 30 January 2007

the ultimate... the holy grail... the end of days

grail watch : (my definition)

a quest must be embarked to obtain this one. the one watch you hope to have in this life but may not obtain, similar to some folk who spend their life searching for the real holy grail, whatever that may be, and not finding it.

In my case, the quest takes on two fronts, its saving up the bread, dough, moolah, filthy lucre to buy it and finding a seller with a decent not so banged up piece available who is willing to sell it to me without me making him an offer he can't refuse and offering it to me at a “reasonable” price that we both can be happy with. Oops third front, convincing the Mrs. that it totally makes sense for me to shell out $$$loadsamoney for somebody’s used second hand watch with a grimy kevlar / velcro strap...eeewwww...

so what is my 'holy grail' watch... or unholy grail watch perhaps (?!) if you don't recognise it, you are not yet lost in the love of the octagon... it is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore End of Days Limited Edition or AP ROO EOD LE.

For those who don't know, Audemars Piguet is one of the top houses in haute horology, it is a great house with many cool watches and different unique lines but the one that has a certain magic above most of what they have produced and has ensnared me is the Royal Oak line and their larger brothers the Offshores.

Now there are tons of oaks and offshores out there, tons of different limited editions and such (which is something else I will address in time) but one stands tall above the masses. A black beauty. A beast that has eyes that glow menacing yellow in the dark of night… the End of Days. It basically takes all other watches out there, toys around with them a lil bit, chews them up and spits them out. It is the ultimate kick a$$ watch and it is currently unobtainable for me. However…It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine…

One last thing to note is that grail watches do change, especially if newer or undiscovered contenders come up to vie for their place. This is my grail watch for now, I sense however that even if I stray from this, I would easily stray back. Or maybe I should build a list of grail watches which is a possibility since there are a couple of watches out there that could fit my criteria for grail status. The quest for the EOD shall continue for now however. Onwards we march.

What about you, what is your grail watch? :)

(Picture sources : timezone & http://www.kronosclub.com/ROC)


hello to everyone out there
I guess the main reason for having this blog is for me to put all my thoughts down about my passions. my main driving one currently being my love for watches and all things horological. its not meant to be objective in any way whatsoever and it is purely my view on whatever it is I choose to post about. You of course may choose to agree or disagree but no worries, its a free world and you're entitled as am I. End of day, I hope you enjoy this sharing of lessons learnt and views on watches and watch collecting, the things I have done and get up to sometimes. Its all for fun anyways so happy reading :)

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