Thursday, 15 March 2007

I dream of .... a black fiddy and the destro version ; )

If you've read my previous post on my thoughts on Panerai , you know that I think most of em are hugely overpriced and none more so than some of the 47mm 1950 cased pams with unitas handwind movements in them. And like the sucker that I am, i've fallen for the look of it and the size of it. (Note: I am a pretty large sized guy with slightly over 7" wrists so taking relative sizes into account, nicely designed 47mms are probably the max size for me) Radiomir cases do absolutely nothing for me, the 44mms luminors are nice but the 47mm 1950 cases are DA BOMB.

And so we come now to a great design from the 6152 and destro versions which have spurred the development of the following fine panerai watches...

PAM 203 (A grail watch for some) Angelus SF 240 movement, 18,000 alternations/hr, 192 hrs (8 days) power reserve - 150 pieces in 2005 ... Costs the earth for what it is

PAM 127 - 1950, 2002 release of 1950 units and called the "fiddy" because the 50 for 50cent the rapper's name was called that and it stuck. Panerai OP XI calibre (read ETA) COSC, panerai on the bridges and swan neck.

PAM 217 - Marina Militaire, 1000 units in 2005, Panerai OP XI as well with cotes de geneve and swan neck regulator.

For the 127 and the 217, I think the the list for them when they first launched was something around US$7,000(i maybe wrong) and now they're hitting US$10,000 and above on the secondary market.

They are doing some great things in Firenze with new movements and designs. Checkout horomundi for the latest link 1 link 2

My current favourite of the all the bunch though is ...
The Marina Militaire 217 Fiddy Destro

2 reasons why it wins over the 1950. Its got marina militaire on the dial. the crown guard won't dig into my hand when its worn on the left... and that look... yummy

And a new contender ... Black Fiddy (and maybe even a Black 217 possibility? u never know)

Spotted on Mr Bonati's wrist in Firenze...

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Bllue said...

Hey Raph,
Happy new year!
Great article.
I like the Marina Militaire 217 Fiddy too. Simple design but looks good. How much you reckon is it going for now for a mint one?

Raphael Too said...

Hi WenLieh I haven't been keeping up with 217 prices. i am sure a pop over at will allow u to find that out though ;)

to my knowledge they have been in the US$16-20k range for a long time but not sure what they are now. probably the higher end of that. sorry i cant be of more help.


Anonymous said...

old post i noticed when googling panerai stuff...not sure anyone cares but...

your dreams have come true

destro fiddy: PAM217
black fiddy : PAM375

raphael too said...

yup... just a matter of about 4 years after the post for the pam375 :) oh and i did know of the existence of the 217 then yuh. cheers, raph

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