Sunday, 16 September 2007

My Tempus Roundup

I was going to do a long a$$ post about what I got up to but that would just be yawnworthy... so I'll just talk about the highlights for me...
  • Amazing watches and innovations that are coming out and meeting the people behind them
  • Meeting a great bunch of watch enthusiasts and watch industry folks from all over ... including all revolutionaries, horomundians, timezoners, purists etc
  • My Singapore TZ GTG which I initiated and which met my objective of having an open invitation to any watch enthusiast in Singapore at the time. It was a great time (future post on this will come so I won't go into more details for now)
  • Great JLC and GO watchmaking classes, some cool talks and interesting events... oh and the great exhibits and models (both the watch and female variety )
  • & an AMAZING party ... kudos to the team that made it happen
For folks who weren't able to make it down this year, I hope that you do the next time Tempus sweeps through Singapore again and if mere words don't sway you to block up some leave and book those tickets and accomodation... heres my tempus photo montage [please note that there arent many watch pics as many of my watch pics turned out REALLY bad and there are much better ones out there as it is]

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