Sunday, 19 October 2008

the one thing cartier got right in my books ;)

now as you know, cartier makes lots of jewelry stuff... it was one of the first to branch out from being highly exclusive and selling jewelry to the uber wealthy to selling a wide range of luxury aspirational products to a broader market under the les must de cartier line... they also have the Collection Privée Cartier Paris (CPCP) for their serious watch line... to this day though, nothing they have done in their watches have appealed much to me as to me the whole brand is still about luxury and haute joaillerie and not a haute horlogerie one... even with cpcp i still find it a fashion brand trying its hand at serious watches... ok so why the post on cartier then? there is ONE thing the folks there have got right though and it is this... they have chosen a very beautiful lady/model/actress/celebrity to feature in their ads which make them then a joy to behold :)

Ms Monica Belluci in an older Cartier Advertisement

lookin all hot and bothered... well maybe just hot :)

the following are 2 of my favorite pics of ms belluci (choice bits have been
timetapestried out in case it offends more sensitive readers. in my eyes, this is beauty
(unlike covers of boy mags) and hope that it in no way offends ;)


Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous woman! Speechless.

Kyle S. said...

Oh man! Such hurts.

thanks, I think :-)

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