Monday, 28 September 2009

quiet night of quiet stars...


... ... quiet walks by quiet streams


... ... quiet thoughts and quiet dreams



note this is still a watch blog ;) & this is an off topic post of course... even though the girls are wearing AP watches, u can't really tell that from these pix now can u? :) so the thing is i don't know how to post process using all those wonderful softwares out there so i gotta make do with how i capture the shot mostly (i do adjust brightness and contrast and crop the pix and downsize them and thats about it) and i liked these captures from a poolside party after the F1 race when my flash failed me. my next post after this will be a typical *slightly* hyped up post for the F1 ;) but i liked these coz, they seemed to capture a little bit of quiet in a very loud nite... seductive hints vs in your face brashness (which will come mind u ;)... hope u like em too. cheers, raph

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