Monday, 20 August 2012

i found this funny :)

watch marketing with celeb figures is a funny thing and cool watches can sometimes have rather weak associations that leave u scratching your head... or the other way round, which is weak watches with great associations... the funniest of it all is probably for high end watches gracing sportsmen or athletes [eg F1 Ferrari team mates Michael Schumacher Omega vs Rubens Barichello AP ROO (a pic of one of em in my post below)]. u figure the best athletes should have the best watches right... u figured wrong :) 

"hahaha yohan u came in second again..." 
"hahaha my watch is like half a mill with a killa tourbillon to your less than 50k piece chrono... oh and i ran with mine on too..."

yup the guy got silver but he got watch endorsement gold :) till the next olympics then...
one thing to note though, with Omega and Schumi and Usain with Hublot, it was a master marketer and sales person who got them onboard, and that is none other than Jean-Claude Biver. others can learn a thing or two(or many many things actually) from him for sure :) 

RM did well with this marketing stunt though... it got a lot of attention with the IOC checkin the rule books on athletes doin endorsements... oh and in case u weren't aware, Omega was the official timekeeper for the London Olympics 2012...

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