Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Quick and Dirty Take on the PAM 422 vs the Magnificent ;) PAM372

only one iphone shot to post from the encounter and a couple of simple and important differences to note...

all the pointers are in my personal opinion of course and tastes vary humanoid to humanoid

(1) sapphire vs plexi - plexi is sexy. mine has light marks which add to the faux vintage look of course ;)
(2) seconds instead of a 9 - bases rule! just a personal preference yuh
(3) more text on the dial, line above the 6 - cleaner simpler is better for this pam lover
(4) power reserve indicator on the back - Unimportant and unnecessary function for me

differences you won't be able to tell from the pics

(5) the 422 is significantly heavier than the 372 - the weight of the 372 is just right to me and may be cause i am used to it but even my mate felt that the 372 weighed right (just like goldilocks and that bowl of porridge, u know what i mean?)
the 422 feels too dense and heavy to me. weight comes from sapphire which is heavier than plexi and there's more metal on the 422 (see 6)

(6) the case back is thicker, likely to give more space for the pr indicator, so there is more metal on it and this adds to the weight. )

and the outcome... the 372 is VICTORIOUS! :) for me it is one of the best modern day PAMs and has a lot going for it, more so than alot of higher priced models from the brand.  

UPDATE: My mate who owned the 422 above sold it off after this meetup with me... hmmm. must have laid down in baby bear's 372 bed and found it to be oh so comfy... 

With pre-owned PAM372 pieces in the S$10k range plus minus a couple of hundred, and new pieces probably just a little more, it's a great pam to grab for the $. exclusivity be damned! ;) [did i just say that on a blog that talks about luxury watches... hmmm]


Stefano said...

I prefer the one on the left.

Oh and I like "plexy is sexy".

Anonymous said...

What is the 372's strap in the picture?

raphael too said...

thanks Stefano!

372 strap is by an unknown maker. i bought it a couple of years back. it's a great strap and am sorry i don't know the maker/seller of it. cheers

Baco Noir said...

As I'ce been told before "there's a lid for every trashcan". The 372 is nice, but I'll take the domed scratch resistant crystal over the plexi, the small seconds so I can monitor the accuracy of the watch, and the PR indicator on the back to the 422 adds nicely to what is and otherwise boring P3000 movement. While I looked hard at both, can you guess which one I slected in the end?

raphael too said...

enjoy it whatever you got :) everyone should buy what they like and not what someone else says they should. cheers

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