Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sony Service Center Singapore Experiece... It Was Utter....

Quality! :)

not the same as some others have experienced in other parts of the world eg Mr Matt Granger is dropping Sony due to service quality issues but i personally had a very smooth and pleasant experience in Singapore, which is no indication of service levels anywhere else. the Singapore service centre is also outsourced but the providers seem to be doing an alright job about things. 

one of the reasons this spa trip for my camera wasn't unpleasant was because it was covered by warranty. I expect my next trip in future will be after the warranty ends in August and i will have to cough out hard earned cash to fix it.

my shutter was replaced and i think the motherboard, all in less than a week which was great as that week was fraught with temptation of getting a second body. flirting dangerously with the digital Leica Ms (M for mistress?) hmm... but that is topic for another time. the concern in the end was why my shutter had died in the first place. it died at less than 10k actuations [to note my sony a7s shutter died at about 9100 actuations. so now even though the shutter reads 9300 it's actually just 200 actuations in :)] which is nothing for mechanical shutters in today's cameras. my old trusty nikon d90 is over 100k shutter actuations and it never once had any shutter issues. 

shutter went down but it wasn't going back up

turning the power off wasn't a solution. they may have to rethink their
error messages :)

also have been focusing a bit more on photography (rather than watches) so appreciate any likes for my fb page if u think the pix be nice :) cheers, raph

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