Wednesday, 26 February 2020

It's been awhile...

Timex, if you want to make more $ hire me :) [well other big brands can too]
All Timex has to do is make better variations of their retro lines which i can help design. just one example 

gosh the last post was in Jun 2019... but who blogs any more nowadays right? Younger folks are even leaving facebook. i still keep an account but i don't post much anymore and am also getting less interested in what others post. instagram reigns of course and tiktok is on the up and up. a constantly changing world... but i digress. blog posts once in awhile then. 

hmm so what's happened over the last 8 months and what's up now? 

Family and work are still my priority as always. On the life front, life goes on even in the face of the bad covid19 spreading around. i hope things will get better soon and to a more managed and better state all round. 

I am enjoying photography and wa
s made Zeiss photography ambassador for Singapore! :) thanks to the folks there for the relationship established and for appreciating my photography. Zeiss makes some great lenses of course from the batis, loxia, milvus and of course the otus line, so it has been great trying out more of their lenses. I have of course bought and enjoyed Zeiss lenses on my leica camera and on the sony and fuji mirrorless bodies I have, for example the classic 135mm f2.0 apo sonnar. amazing lenses. 

I also got some photography awards too which was cool :) So will end off for now by sharing some pix taken in the past couple months. rest of my pix you can check out on my IG LINK





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