Thursday, 8 January 2009

2 Ulysses in a Day... but went home only wanting... needing One

Happy New Year Everyone! Apologies for being absent for awhile. I have several posts I wanted to put up but have been busy. Was in Tokyo over the New Year and will be doing a short post soon about watch shopping in Japan but for now... a tale of two ulysses... (note... this is about watches yuh :)

For awhile now I have had the UN Freak on my target list but at times have entertained the idea of other watches for my one big watch purchase in 2009... how about the urwerk? hmm or the lange datograph in rose gold black dial, the dufour dato... i need to see it in the metal to be sure perhaps? so i beg a mate i know who owns one to let me have a look see...

whilst muddling about thinking about this, i saw an interesting For Sale 'FS' ad in purists and wanted to check this other watch out too, as I had liked it in the past... the Louis-Ulysse Chopard Tech Twist Sincere LE :) and so 2 ulysses in a day...

Upon seeing this in the metal. it took me half a second to realise that i want this watch... nay, I NEED THIS WATCH! in white gold it was boring to me, but in rose gold, it has a boldness befitting its innovation... a rupture from the past and pure poetry in motion. This is a watch that is horological art and then some

'my precious...' well uhm not mine yet... but someday :)

sexy, beautiful, gorgeous... every which way u turn it.... GGGRRRRRRRR

next to the chopard luc... its an amazingly well finished watch. it has a lot of quality and it should be jostling with the likes of Patek and Lange in the finishing department but its let down by one MAJOR thing... CHOPARD the brand is just not a strong horological name... images that come up when i think of chopard are jewelry, fashion watches, women in evening gowns and elton john and something pink thrown in, all mixed up and shaken together... so while the watch is excellent, and i do like the combination of the ruthenium movement and the openworked dial, i could never wear it. for folks who don't have any hangups about the brand though i highly recommend u look at this piece in particular as its probably my favorite reasonably priced one in the entire range. (as noted one is available on purist's collector marketplace and the seller is a top guy)

it didn't do it for me... maybe i should have drunk more of that pink martini... elton's song 'crocodile rock' playing in my mind

lovely finishing and nicely done ruthenium coated movement...
Journe does ruthenium too :) this on my mind as i wore my Octa to the meetup


but there can be only one... this watch is THE WATCH for me. (well other than the kari voutilainen observatoire and the vianney halter antiqua and the .... ) hmm ok lets revise this...
this is the WATCH for me for now and hopefully an owner will be kind enough to sell theirs to me. it will go to a good home and to someone who will wear it a hell of a lot and love it a whole lot :)

hope u enjoyed the post and i will be waiting and hoping for one to come my way :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Raph,

I could never take pics like you. Nice meeeting you. The sharing and friendship with someone whom I have always enjoyed reading here was the icing. Deal or no deal is no matter. Happy to make another friend who appreciates time. Keep your nice posts coming.


raphael too said...

Hey Chris

Don't say that. It was very challenging lighting conditions when I took the shots and I wish I had brought my macro light stuff with me but... thanks anyway.

Good to meet another enthusiast on this journey. hope u get all the watches that'll make u happy :)


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