Thursday, 20 August 2009

answering a fun poser... imagine u were new to watches and had a S$100k to buy some

the question posed: imagine u are young, eg. in your mid-20s, and have came into wealth (read loadsa$$$), of which you set aside s$100k for watch acquisition looking for a minimum of 3 watches. please include at least one sports watch and one dress watch.

my recommendations and rationale for them are as follows:

assessment of the rich boy: he's young (so no Pateks as they'll be in his future if he ever gets into watches i suppose... ) and loaded and he mixes with other young and loaded people (birds of a feather yuh...u know they uhm do stuff together) and he wants to drop 100k on watches similar like how i go out to buy bread i suppose :) i betcha he has some nice exotic(or pricey) cars too other than the sudden interest to spend the money on nice mechanical timepieces...

so 1st thing is... no middle of the road pieces. u're spending top $ to go with the ferrari or lambo (me guessing here ;) so get the best for your money. don't d!ck around with 20-30k wannabe or derivative type watches and maximise the 100k (and I'd recommend stretching it a little if possible :) so here goes...

For sporty, either the AP ROO EODs or the wonderful Rubens Barichello II Ti. I would ask him which he likes more, ceramic and ti racing theme cool or the black beast and go for that... no entry level RMs yuh, lets go for the top AP ROO LEs! :) [either one could be had for around low S$60k]

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore End of Days

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubens Barichello II in Titanium

for dressy get the plat dato for less than 50k. its versatile with the black face and the sportier complication and can go with both a suit or jeans

OR if you are fine with dropping the dressy for someting uber cool, then go for the Ulysse Nardin Freak at less than S$60k. why? its a freak man, u don't need a reason to want it. ok but if you must, then its highly innovative yuh and for young bucks should have or prize innovation and innovative stuff no? and i don't mean just the iphones yuh :)

FREAK OUT!!! Ulysee Nardin Freak 1 in RG

having given it more thought, throw in the option of the MB&F HM2 for consideration too... it goes well with exotics ;)

and lastly, get an ultra reliable daily beater... Rolex will do you good ;) Rolex GMT, Milgauss GV, Submariner or Seadweller. for daily wear or travel etc... he will learn that watches can be reliable and tough as nails and will have appreciation of them in that respect

the other question at the back of my mind was, what if i had to do it all over again... knowing what i know, with my experiences and the same amount of $ i had plonked down for my collection, would i pick up different pieces? the answer to come in time :)

have a blessed weekend. cheers, raph

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