Sunday, 7 July 2013

Vianney Halter Deep Space Tourbillon... a bit late and some thoughts...


As you may know, I absolutely love the future anterior watches from Vianney or simply put the more steampunk-ish looking pieces from his collection... The antiquas, the classics, trio etc. so this does not fall into that category as the philosophy or inspiration for it's creation is a clean space age future of star trek and deep space way stations... the watch is Vianney's answer to the question what would a human wear for a trip to outer space. some of the nicer design touches from earlier pieces are missing as well and I would attribute it to the loss of pascal pages in the design of this piece. barnes influence on the earlier design and watches should also be noted as missing too. even the rivets on the crown could be improved.


I understand from mates who've held it in the metal that they find it to be amazing(a lot of live shots from watch bloggers in Singapore abound and are on the forums) and that it is a technical marvel is obvious as most triple axis tourbillions are... but for me i would have liked something more as when i look at this piece, there are things i would want changed for it or tweaked [eg. fonts, hand design, colors and case design as going with the philosophy of it, it could be even more futuristic looking... other bits here n there] what all this means is that it's a cool watch in my books but not grail status worthy and somehow that is what I've come to expect from Vianney's atelier. i think the problem is I've set too high expectations on Vianney's offerings and after 7 years, this does not meet it but if i had lower expectations(which i always tell myself to have going into any movie for eg) than maybe it wouldn't be the slight let down that it is to me. 


maybe if it was dreamt in the same past and future fused manner as with the antiqua i would love it more? that sounds pretty kickass. a steampunkish triple axis tourby which again would be worn by captain nemo on the nautilus...


people will look at this to admire the triple axis tourby(not a new concept) but executed very nicely and with high visibility. hours and minutes are shown in solar time and the tourby cages rotate in (1st axis) 40secs (2nd axis) 6mins and (3rd axis) 30mins, hence the triple axis appellation.


Tech specs :

  • Type : Triple Axis Central Tourbillon Wristwatch
  • Case Dimensions : 46 mm diameter – 10 mm thickness Overall Dimensions : 50 mm x 53 mm x 20 mm
  • Case material : Titanium
  • Crystal : 40,6 mm diameter sapphire glass with anti-refect coating.
  • Movement : In-house developed VH 113 Balance frequency : 21,600 v.p.h. Tourbillon cage revolution time : 40 sec Crossbar revolution time : 6 min
  • Cradle revolution time : 30 min.
  • Number of jewels : 41
  • Hands : special peripheral curved shape hands (short hand hour)
  • Winding : manual
  • Power Reserve : 55 hours
  • Buckle : Titanium folding clasp
  • Total weight : 90 gr
MSRP is 180,000 Swiss Francs  




Stefano said...

It might be a technological marvel, but it fails to stir my soul.

raphael too said...

yup i'd agree with that. the triple axis tourby will no doubt be ultra cool to see twirling abouts but it fails to stir me soul too :)

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