Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A tempus approaches...

The Tempus is going to be sooooo huge...for more click the banner below :)

The excitement is building up and my schedule is totally packed with so many great events lined up, including my Singapore GTG of course:)

Anyways i submitted a couple of pics for the photohorology competition and the 2nd one has been chosen as a finalist pic :) Kewl ... See you at the Tempus :)

Title : Addictive At Times...

Title : For Military Application

Monday, 13 August 2007

this one on my mind right now...

Patek Philippe 5135 Gondolo Calendario in Rose Gold

Not a petite Patek coming in at
51mm x 40.3 x 11.7mm which is excellent :)
Functions - time with sweep seconds, annual calendar showing day, date & month, moon phase and 24 hour display

Movement improvements are higher beat rate 28,800, 4 spoke & 4 maselots, Gyromax balance wheel, advances in wheel toothing geometry for higher rate accuracy.

& absolutely gorgeous in 18K rose gold :)

Friday, 10 August 2007

can't get me a pricey swiss watch so what do i do???

get me a nice limited edition Japanese one instead :)

Just a little education first for the audience here who only buy Swiss high end watches. There is a whole world of cool watches made by the Japanese out there. Not only quartz watches but even automatics. One can just look at seiko for some great auto movements that they have made through the years and are still making.

All i know is, its great to get a watch fix that doesn't come with 3-4 zeroes after the first digit. In fact there are cool beaters like the seiko diver watches that can be obtained for us$150 and less with robust workhorse movements. Its been proven that quite a number of em have kept on going for 15 to 20 years (i sh!t you not) without a servicing. Makes you want to go and get one now yuh :) Hassle free beaters, gotta love em...

and so we come to casio. perhaps one of the reasons the quartz crises set upon the swiss watch industry in the 80s... casio has made a great number of things... calculators, cameras, alarm clocks, Japanese gadgets aplenty but in my mind casio will always be about the G-shock. it was the watch my mum gave me before I began my two and a half year stint in the army for my national service and it served me extremely well through that time. took many bruisings and lickins and kept on tickin(??!!!) i mean kept on keeping superlative time :)

so what did i get to join my current beauties... the Casio G-shock frogman dolphin and whale 2006 GW 206k 7JR and the icerc Gw 205k 2JR

this kicka$ new limited edition. they came out in may but i wasn't keeping track of the new releases so when i saw it recently i knew i had to have it. the casio gw 225 A 1 JF dawn black 25th anniversary release... lovely... the pics aren't of my piece which is still making its way to me from the land of the rising sun, they belong to a great g-shock collector sjors who has a cool site with lots of g-porn oops i mean g-pics on it so do check it out at g-peopleland

ooohhhhhh come to papa

nice logo on the back for the 25th anniversary

luverly... better than some swiss limited
editions man for a fraction of the cost :)

Source for Dawn Black Pics : Sjors @ g-peopleland

Comparison of a fake and real Panerai 127 Fiddy

this is what idle minds get up to... whats that saying about em being the devils workshop >:) It may be frowned upon by some in the watch community but i thought it would be fun to do a comparo report of the fake fiddy and the real thang so i'll stop with the words and let the pics do the talking... come on you have to be curious as to how good the replicas are getting no? i mean...honest. like when you were in thailand or some part of chinatown and checked out the cheapo fake rolexes to see how close they were to your real rollie sub :)

ok so the fake fiddy is a colleagues one, a much more senior colleague, which means I can't smash it and the real one is courtesy of my good pal SC Lau. hope you enjoy it and i will not entertain any questions about where to get a fake :) enjoy the short report

and the answer is that the one on the real fiddy strap is the fake-o one. ie the left one in the 1st and 2nd pics and the right one in this last pic.

no shots of the back as its easy to spot it from the number E0117 / 1950. Whoever owns the real E0117 fiddy must be fuming mad everytime he shows his off as invariably people in the know will go "thats a fake mate" :) hope u enjoyed this short report.


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