Saturday, 30 May 2009

a short take on the patek nautilus 5712R

a very nice nautilus... the rose gold patek 5712R

to start off, i must say this was one of the watches i was eyeing to buy at one point... the 5712 in steel is what was touted as the hot one and its prices reflected that. but it was the 5712 in rose that attracted me more. after having handled all 3 variants, the steel, white gold and rose gold versions, i would say that the rose gold version appeals the most to me.

as with most pateks, it exudes quality and class and the colors and textures on this one are really cool. the sturdy brown leather strap with orangy thread, the warmth and lustre of the rose gold case cut in the interesting lines of the nautilus... i LIKE It!

its sporty rugged and classy... its probably going head to head with the royal oaks in rose gold eg. the 15300 in rose and the dual time rose... but is much more pricier... hey its a patek alrite :)

the Geneva seal... it makes a lot more sense to me than a PP seal. whats the value of a seal that you do to certify that your products are good or of a certain standard?? it doesn't make a whole lotta sense to me. i guess patek had to move away from the geneve seal coz of roger dubuis, cartier etc using it and in some way riding off Patek's association with the seal... eg dubuis saying 'our watches are as good as patek coz see, we have the geneva seal' ... DREAM ON dudes. but the PP seal? not an answer in my books...


the calatrava cross... beautiful as always

good quality throughout, even in the deployant clasp... and just in case u forgot what watch it was u had on... NAUTILUS etched in to remind u :)

borrowing a movement shot from the WG piece... same movement of course 240

and 2 full frontals to end off... the lovely rose

and the cool white gold... too cold for me this one...

hope u enjoyed the short look at these pieces. cheers, raph


Stefano said...

I nearly ended up with a 5712R instead of the dato. I must say I don't regret my choice. However, that's one fine Nautilus.

Nice photos Raph!


raphmeister said...

Hi Stefano

I know you love that Dato :)

thanks for the compliment :)


Anonymous said...

Nice review Raph,

Incidently, I was choosing between the 5712 steel and Rosegold.

I chose the steel for its sleek look with bracelet. The R is a little louder and costlier for my choice.


Ron said...

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5712R is a fabulous sports watch with complications. I'm in the business and I could wear just about any timepiece. I wear the Patek Philippe 5712R in rose gold. Couldn't be happier!

Anonymous said...

HI could you please assist me in comparing the patek 5712 rose gold versus the Audemar piguet don ramon?
thanks a lot

Raphael Too said...

hi there, unfortunately i havent had a chance to handle the AP Don Ramon in the metal. only thoughts of it here...

between the 2, if u want sporty masculine more for casual wear then the Don Ramon. if u want sporty classic that can go with suits and casual wear easily then the 5712R.


Raj said...

I have a choice between getting the 5712R and getting one from Tiffany that is co-branded. Any advantage to option 2 with Tiffany?

raphael too said...

Hi Raj, i think you may have dropped me a mail on this as well. i have been real busy and have not responded. apologies.
unfortunately i do not consider myself knowledgeable enuff on patek to comment on this and can't help.
what factors are important to u in your decision? a cleaner dial or resale value? for the resale value element i have no data to base a recommendation of unfortunately.
all the best with your choice.
cheers, raph

Raj said...

Thanks Raph ... I'm going with the Tiffany branded.

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