Monday, 28 November 2016


Note that the title is just advice to myself (and maybe the Mrs too ;) I moved house recently and what struck me other than the amount of stuff i have picked up over time is that for some of them, there was the belief that they would hold value so it was fine to pay a pretty penny for them. demand of course is not constant and things can have higher or lower demand at a point in time. you just hope that when you do look to liquidate (to buy the next new toy... DOH!), there is still some healthy demand especially if it was a once hot and now not item. 

what un-sage advice do i have then (for myself)? we don't bring all this stuff with us when we pass on and for those with kids, they would be wondering 'what is all this junk i have to get rid of?' and so the advice is...

Buy Less. Make Better Choices. Don't make rash, gut-instinct purchase decisions. Don't retail therapy yourself into stuff you use once or never use at all (i think most adults are guilty of buying stuff that has never been used once) 

Waitamoment though... we're coming to the end of the year... what are some of the purchases i've had this year that i am enjoying? Note these are my happy purchases that i'm just sharing about and to each their own for these items :) 

On the watch front - No brainer here, the seiko padi turtle. seiko was right to bring this line back. wonderful timepieces


Cameras! - Leica M9... (last year it would have been the Leica M6) it isn't a slam dunk camera for me but right now i am enjoying it and learning better how to work with it & Lens - Zeiss 50mm planar f/2.0 and Voigtlander 21mm f/1.8


and that's about it. super marked up uber expensive watches isn't so much my focus now as it is right to question the value of them. for under US$1k pieces though (of which there are a wide variety) there are many cool ones out there and i expect even more to come given the market sentiment. here's looking forward to more exciting, priced appropriately timepieces in future. and on the camera front, hopefully the next M will knock it out of the park.

have a good December and hols ahead! cheers, raph

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