Thursday, 10 January 2008

make mine vintage... Omega Speedmaster with Cal 321

my first and probably last OMEGA... it had to be this one...

The Watch: An OMEGA Speedmaster Professional pre-Moon cal. 321 (pre-Moon defined as far as I can tell by not having the funky text about being to the moon but having a Hippocampus or Seahorse engraved on the caseback)

Of Firsts and Lasts: Prior to this piece there was no professional word on the speedys and this one sported it on the dial for the first time. Its also has the largest case diameter for a speedy holding the Cal 321 coming in at 41.6mm without crown and 43mm with. (BIG is good i says). Its also the last Speedy with the metal appliqued logo and the last one with the cal. 321. Last pre-Moon Speedy too.

The Movement: The Cal 321 based on the Lemania 2310 ... classic vintage chrono movement developed by Albert Piguet, 27 CHRO C12... 27 mm in diameter, chrono complication, 12 hour register... that is also found prettied up in Patek Philippe 5070 CH 27-70, Vacheron Constantin Malte Chrono Ref.1141 and Breguet. 18,000 vph and Breguet overcoil hairspring. Many top watchmakers think its a great chrono movement and its not any wonder if you take some time to find out more about it.

The No-Bullshit No-Hype Legend: It is the watch that stood up well and the best to some ridiculous tests concocted by some watch s&m dudes who have a thing about the final frontier, been to space, to or near the moon. This watch reference was worn by real astronauts on space flights/missions.

Nuff words and better pics will surface another day especially of that gorgeous movement but for now...

beat up but gorgeous... i'm keeping the bezel chewed up as it is for now ;)

some patina on the tritium indices... i likes that a lot

got it with the original metal bracelet but its on a nice gator strap right now

check out the rims on this moon mobile... i heard they strapped this on the outside but this is ridiculous ;)

The last word part 1 ... To find out more about the Speedmasters and other vintage omega's do check out Chuck Maddox's sites as it has a wealth of information on it. Link is on my links on the right ;) Chuck has been patient and most helpful to me during my quest for this watch and is a top passionate & knowledgeable enthusiast.

The last word part 2 ... As its vintage, you can't get it from no Authorised Dealer selling the current lineup of the Speedys. I chanced upon a decent watch collector / dealer for this. I will be doing a lengthier feature on secondary market watch dealers at another time. cheers :)

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