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Antiquorum Auction Results 26 Oct 2013 HK Auction

so since my last post the question would be what did these watches go for? coming out from the only watch auction, where the unique titanium patek 5o04T from there did really well [sold for ~US$4mn], the rarer or more unique pateks from this last auction did well too. the view then is if you are buying these, which may likely be for investment purposes, is that there is a global market out there for 'em. not sure about during downturns though, but there are folks out there who are never poor even when the markets tank.

For some of the smaller and independent brands not so much love at the only watch auction. From the HK auction, I was eyeing some Rolexs but they went for a bit higher than i was hoping and I have a sense that those that are getting rarer(eg. moving further away from the year they were discontinued or not many popping up for sale) will see their prices steadily going up.

From Antiquorum:

The top lot of the auction was undoubtedly the Patek Philippe Ref. 5104P Platinum Minute Repeater Perpetual Retrograde Calendar Skeletonized (Lot 245). The very fine and rare wristwatch provoked an intense bidding war among telephone, online and room bidders and ultimately sold for a world record price of HKD6,210,000 including buyer's premium.

Sold for ~ US$801k [Estimate: USD 600,000 - 800,000]

Another outstanding timepiece presented in the sale was the Patek Philippe Ref. 3939 Tourbillon Minute Repeater with Special Dial in Pink Gold (Lot 246). The very fine and rare complicated wristwatch was highly sought-after by collectors. After intense competition, the exceptional timepiece sold for HKD5,550,000 including buyer's premium, a world record for the reference. 

Sold for ~ US$716k [Estimate: USD 600,000 - 800,000]
Attracting considerable attention prior to the auction, the Jaeger-LeCoultre 18K white gold wristwatch with flying tourbillon and sky chart (Lot 195) stirred an intense bidding war and eventually sold to an Asian collector at HKD2,310,000 including buyer's premium.

Sold for ~ US$298k [Estimate: USD 168,000 - 232,000]

"We are proud to continue to offer timepieces that are highly coveted by watch enthusiasts around the world," said Julien Schaerer, Auctioneer and Horological Director at Antiquorum. "We are especially thrilled by the world record results attained by the Patek Philippe Ref. 5104 and the Ref. 3939 in today's sale," he continued.

Other Patek Philippe timepieces also realized spectacular prices in the sale. A number of wristwatches inspired fierce competition, which demonstrated global collectors' passion for the brand. Among the collection of notable Patek Philippe wristwatches, the very fine Patek Philippe Ref. 6104G Celestial Diamond in 18K White Gold (Lot 237), a perfect combination of precision and magnificent dial design, sparked collectors' interest and sold for HKD$3,270,000 including buyer's premium. Another exceptional wristwatch with sky chart, a Patek Philippe Ref. 5102PR Celestial in Platinum and Pink Gold (Lot102), also did very well and achieved HKD$1,470,000 including buyer's premium

Sold for ~ US$422k [Estimate: USD 258,000 - 387,000]

for the full auction result news, check it here LINK

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