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HYT H1 and H2 Hydro Mechanical Horological Timepieces ~ A Short Pictorial Review

As posted earlier LINK, I think there's more to look forward to with HYT and I thank the team there, Vincent, Omamgbe, Carla for a chance to spend some time with some pieces from their current range of interesting hydro-mechanical watches, the H1 and H2. Thoughts and pics follow, mixed in with info from HYT press materials(italicised): 

H1 Alumen Blue with retrograde fluid hours & minutes... the idea that led to the H1 was simple
 and consisted of two flexible reservoirs fixed to each end of a capillary. In one was an aqueous
liquid filled with fluorescein, and in the other, a transparent viscous liquid. To keep them 
separate: the repulsive force of the molecules in each liquid, with a meniscus to mark the
 boundary between the two
some nice design touches include the small seconds indicator resembling a water wheel at 930
and at 230 a 65-hour power-reserve indicator. Blue ALUN 316B hour dial, white indexes and 
numerals and blue ALUN 316B minute dial, grey minute hand
Mechanical hand-wound, exclusive HYT calibre 101 - 28,800 vph, 4 Hz, 35 jewels. Bridges hand-chamfered
 and adorned with Côtes de Genève, rhodiumed bellows - 65-hour power reserve
Luminescent minute hand and hour-markers under some blue light (thanks Carla for the light! :)
Realised by Jean-François Mojon and his Chronode SA team, a mechanical movement is situated 
in the upper part of the watch, and propels a cam, which pushes the piston and activates the 
bellows. Jean-François Mojon also worked on several MB&F Machines
case sizes for the H1 and H2 are the same as they share the same case
> Diameter: 48.8 mm > Thickness: 17.9 mm
Next some info from the HYT site...  THE TWO RESERVOIRS AT 06:00 WHILE THE FIRST COMPRESSES, 
As the hours go by, the fluorescent liquid advances. The meniscus, in the shape of a half moon, 
marks the breaking point with the other fluid in the tube, indicating the time. At 18:00, 
the fluorescent liquid comes back to its original position, going backwards. The secret that
gets the reservoirs going ? Two bellows made of a highly resistant, flexible electro-deposited
 alloy, each driven by a piston. And this is where watchmaking comes in to activate the system
H1 Red2 - Titanium with shot-peened and satin-finished surfaces 
brushed pink gold (5N) bezel and lugs (Retail: US$69k)

same movement of course for the H1s
a very nice piece with a nice color combination
and a little detail...
The H2 Ti Black DLC... realised together with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi (APRP) The perfect
 alliance between high-end watchmaking and fluid mechanics, the h2 was born of a vision
 shared by the hydro mechanical horologists and the aprp team overseen by giulio papi.
At 3 o'clock is a "H-N-R" crown position indicator, which brings to mind the gearstick of a racing car,
 is counterbalanced by the presence of another hand, which is also original and exclusive to HYT,
 a temperature indicator. Once the watch is being worn, this function enables the user to accurately
 find out when the fluid has reached the optimum temperature range. In the centre, a minute hand,
 designed in stages to perfectly fit the structure of the fluidic system jumps after 30 minutes
 to avoid the bellows
Firstly, by the position of the bellows, positioned at 6 o'clock in "V" and rising, which clearly evokes
 the most outstanding achievements of automotive and aeronautical engineering. This 
optimises the integration of the interface that connects the watch mechanisms with the fluidic 
system. Mirroring the pair of bellows, the balance spring presides at midday on its black bridge, 
the dome marking the rhythm of life in this unique world

wristshot! these watches sat well on my wrist and they were light and comfortable.
appreciating the multi-dimensional architecture of the movement. i somehow feel that it would 
look better in a non-round case... which seems to be the most conventional thing about them
liquids getting re-fueled... just kidding :) it boasts an 8 day power reserve which is very cool. 
Manual winding HYT calibre 21,600 vib/h, 3 Hz, 28 jewels. Titanium bridges with decorated 
microblasted Black PVD and titanium coloured satin-finished accents

Looking forward to more from HYT, the H3 and onwards! Hope you enjoyed the pics and post :)

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