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[ A Tale of The MB&F HM6 Space Pirate ] Diary Excerpt of M. Raphael T. Meister, In The Year of our Lord 1838

[ Subject unclassified. it bears strange markings resembling the characters 'mb&f hm6' ] 

Professor Jonah Wiley contacted me by telegram a week ago speaking of a special discovery. A reserved man and not easily excitable, the tone of his message seemed somewhat peculiar. It piqued my interest to view this unidentifiable object, in his note it had stated 'nothing that had been recorded of before'. 

His compound was quiet when I entered and no soul was in sight. Through the mist, I made my way to the manor doors and found them... OPEN! Entering his study I saw a beautiful silk cloth laying askew on his study table and nestling in it something I have never beheld before. A metallic object that though still, seemed to be alive... and as i lifted it, something stirred within it...

Exhibit A.i. Untouched
Exhibit A.ii. lifting on it's side
Exhibit B. what looked like a whirlwind spinning within... turning a crown 
like device on the side raised a shield covering it...
Exhibit C.i. alternate views of the machine
Exhibit C.ii. the underbelly of this 'creature' or 'craft'?
Exhibit C.iii. another perspective

After spending time reviewing the machine, I placed my eyeglasses down and was thinking of my next course of action. I would need to bring it to the key minds in the arts and science realm to see what they were to make it. 

Suddenly a bright shimmering light began emanating from the machine... which then began to pulse together with that movement within it, the fan-like mechanism spinning ever faster...

Exhibit D. prior to the stirring

Exhibit E.i. light emanating from the machine
Exhibit E.ii. the light colors changing
Exhibit F. seconds prior to it's dissapearance

And in a blink of an eye... IT DISAPPEARED! 

~ fin ~

Now how do I convince the Professor Max of that and that it didn't leave with me, resting comfortably on my wrist? ;) back to life... back to reality... Note all the press pics and materials are accessible to everyone here LINK

I thought of having a little fun with this post and hope u liked it too :) ok tales aside then, the MB&F HM6 is not everyone's cuppa tea. I think this piece is pretty polarising where you will have people who totally dislike it and others who love it and of course there will still be a fair number of folks imbetween these extremes. my earlier post with press pics and info is just 2 post downs (click here LINK) and I wasn't too sure what my view was about it then...

after having a little bit of time with this piece in the metal and trying it on and experiencing it, i can say that I LOVE IT! it's a wonderful piece to me aesthetically and pics hardly do it justice. the main concern, per my earlier post, is pricing. US$230k retail is quite a bit of change but i do so long for it ;) anyhow, leaving you a few more pics of this incredible machine while my other timepieces gently weep :) cheers, raph

'got my flight goggles on Captain... the space pirate shall rise today!'
two wristshots to end off
u WANT me on your wrist... you NEED me on your wrist... (in my best Nicholson voice)

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