Friday, 19 December 2014

the smallest teeniest tiniest automatic watch movement ever... Cal 661 in the Omega Ladymatic Sapphette / Saphette

caliber 661 was introduced in 1963... teensy weensy teeny tiny automatic movement
smaller than a 10 cents coin...
well just how tiny is tiny... note these watches were out in the late 60's at the same time and
 gracing folk's wrists then... 

Earlier in Jul this year, I had been invited but couldn't make it down to Omega's 'A Century of Fine Ladies Timepieces' Exhibition in ION Orchard Singapore so seeing a really tiny ladies automatic watch hadn't happened for me as yet. 

As fate would have it, a colleague of mine happens to be into vintage items and she picked this up some time ago in a mystical vintage watch shop that disappeared in a fog minutes after her purchase ;) [Thanks Elissa!] (fyi some price references but highly dependent on condition LINK3 LINK2 LINK1 )

One thing though is with me getting my paws on it and handling it, I can open the back and have a look at the movement... and that's when it hits home how tiny this auto movement is and how small they can make 'em if they wanted to. of course they don't coz BIGGER is better these days but holding this watch, you almost don't believe there could be a mechanical movement inside let alone an automatic one.

Below information for the all steel version from the Official Omega website LINK 

it's just sooooooooo small... Serial no. 19139289, Reference 551.004, Case Diameter 18 mm, gold plated
Movement: Diameter of 15mm, Height of 4.25mm. 24 jewels, 19800bph, fixed stud carrier with 
beryllium bronze ratchet wheel, self winding
inside the caseback... the 3 markings show it's been back in for official servicing 3 times
this version with gold plating of 20 microns per the caseback
size measured... 18mm...
Omega leather strap and buckle
current ladymatic piece worn by the lovely Ms Nicole Kidman in the pic below... this one from 2010 i believe


and a shot of the 2013 issue and more shots of it and other 2013 Omega novelties here LINK

hope you enjoyed the short post as i had enjoyed doing it up... a nice break from the usual mumbo jumbo :) cheers, raph

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