Sunday, 5 July 2015

Grand Seiko Acquired... Never Say Never ;) Vintage 45GS In The Watch Box

I was in Tokyo early part of Jun and it was... painful. 4 days of Disneyland and Disneysea with the kids, and then 4 days of walking abouts/shopping in various parts of the city more for the wife and I wanted to reward myself somewhat from this ''holiday'' that wasn't enough of a break for me... and that meant buying some toys to give me a little bit of joy. All consolatory purchases were Made in Japan too :) 

first toy was the Fuji X100T which I posted 1 pic of in the previous post(picked up in map camera which has a sister watch shop GMT next to it) and uhm I got 2 watches and one of 'em I thought I would not ever commit to but "thar she blows..." A Grand Seiko in my watch box. Vintage in decent condition, less than US$1k, and i found it hard to walk away from as i held her in my hands at Jack Road in Nakano[for my really short post about Jack Road and how to get there click LINK]. For why Grand Seiko is a class above many watches out there, including a fair number of Swiss makes, click here LINK and to read a good article from Watchtime LINK [google for a lot more info around the net of GS]

Say hello to my 1970 Grand Seiko 45GS. Case has been polished a fair bit over it's 45 years of life but it's still in pretty good
nick. Per Grand Seiko site "[45GS] A manual 10-beat model, featuring a slimmer movement, Like the automatic 61GS, it 
delivered a higher level of precision that made it more stable in different usage situations. The date calendar featured an instant-change
mechanism." LINK the 45GS is more or less a hi-beat version of the 44GS which had a modern reissue done 2 years back LINK
the way it catches the light from both the faceted batons and hands, to the case... it is a wonderful thing to behold
the 45GS follows the 44GS{Grammar Of Design by Taro Tanaka} and is largely similar except for the hi-beat movement
for more info about design of the GS click LINK
some corrosion around the edges where the caseback screws in but otherwise in pretty decent shape 4522 A ~ 
GS standard official approval  
4522-8000 Grand Seiko, no Seiko lion on the back of this though
Beating at 36,000 for better accuracy. from the Daini factory. for my other watch from the Daini Seikosha factory click LINK
Some wear and tear but that's what macros show up. overall it's 
very nice for it's age to me... 5years older than me
beating at 36,000bph / 5Hz, 25 jewels with date and it's accurate (well at 
least to the min, i haven't done more intensive accuracy tests... yet)
play of light over it is great... hmm may have to think of sending 
it in to get it better Zaratsu polished... will see
and the other watch... let's just say it's a quartz... to be continued

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