Wednesday, 16 September 2015

WJean Straps for Seikos & Other Watches

which shoes should go on these watches... hmm... 


Wjean makes and sells some great straps and bracelets for Seikos and other brands LINK for a range of lug widths. after noting my post on the Seiko 6105 8110 / 8119 Diver and seeing that i was in need of some more straps in general[i guess all of us could do with more straps :) ],[disclaimer time] he was kind enough to send on a few straps to me to review. do note i have purchased from him before and have used his straps for a period and like them and am happy to endorse/promote them. there is also the marinemaster strap which he has done for 19mm which is great but I have the regular width one shown in this post. 

some great choices for the 6105 8110 for the 19mm lug width as seen for straps 2 to 4 counting from left to right
the strap on the watch on the right is not from his store

looking a little bit closer coz end of day is which design appeals more to u before u make a purchase choice

maybe take my cue from the captain... 


Anyways, this wasn''t going to be a long post, do check out LINK for more strap/bracelet options for Seikos 6105 and more. cheers, raph

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