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Astronauts' Mission in Singapore & A 60th Anniversary bash!

Before jumping into largely Omega provided text and pix I would like to thank Fiona & Rina and other fine folk at Omega for the invites down. Thanks all and on to it then! [Stuff in purple are my words and the pix have all been lightly edited]

Come meet the OMEGA astronauts on 7th July 2017 from 7.30pm at the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Exhibition, on now until 9th July 2017 at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Level B1 from 11.00am until 9.00pm, daily.


In 1957, OMEGA set out to create a robust chronograph that was water-proof, easy to read, easy  to  use  and  exceedingly  precise.  The  result  was  a  watch  quite  unlike  any  other  - the Speedmaster,  the  original  timepiece  in a  legendary  family.  Few  watches  have the power  to inspire like the OMEGA Speedmaster. The first watch ever worn on the moon, it has become an enduring symbol of the ingenuity and skill that took us into space. 

 Celebrating the past six decades of the Speedmaster, OMEGA  presents the “Speedmaster 60th   Anniversary   Exhibition”. Within   the   exhibition   space,   visitors   can   admire   the fascinating  history  of  this  timepiece  through  photographs,  vintage  watches  and  interactive screens,  through  which  the  visitors  will  be  able  to  navigate  on  a  microsite  dedicated  to  the Speedmaster  60th  Anniversary  and  a  special  section  called “Faces  of  Speedmaster”  that collects images from famous Speedmaster owners all over the world. 



OMEGA stages a space-inspired soiree to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the legendary Speedmaster

29 June, Singapore: Time travel, space exploration and high-tech installation art came together in spectacular fashion, as OMEGA celebrated the 60th anniversary of its legendary Speedmaster collection in Singapore with a multi-sensory extravaganza that also heralded the opening of the brand’s latest flagship boutique at The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands.

Over 130 guests, including VIP customers, members of the media...

[Singapore Celebrity Friends of Brand, Chen Han Wei & Yvonne Lim]

[Sheila Sim, actress and model and Nu Models agency owner]

and prominent watch bloggers (and a notable speedmaster loving barista) attended the multi-facetted event. Photobucket

Teleporting attendees to the OMEGA universe from the get-go, the evening started with cocktails at a special exhibition area at the Marina Bay Sands mall, followed by a space-themed party at the Art Science Museum.

Upon arrival, guests were whisked to the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands mall. There, they journeyed through 60 years of the world-famous watch collection, courtesy of carefully curated exhibits.

The experience was further enriched by the presence of Jose De Cardoso, President of Swatch Group South-east Asia, 


and OMEGA’s Head of Product Management, Mr Gregory Kissling,

...who was on hand to share insights on the brand and the Speedmaster’s legacy. Meanwhile, guests capped the exhibition by sharing their memories on social media, posting selfies against a photo wall that featured 60 of the most important Speedmaster models from 1957 to 2017.

After a tour of the exhibition and boutique, guests adjourned to the Art Science Museum, which was transformed into an OMEGA universe unto itself, and took on a futuristic, space-inspired milieu to express the Speedmaster’s legacy in NASA space explorations.

Indeed, the evening was more than a celebration of one of the most iconic watches in the history of horology – it served as a reminder that OMEGA is in pursuit of even greater milestones to come.

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