Sunday, 8 July 2007

Singapore TZ GTG... its about Community


Here in Singapore, there are tons of watch collectors. Some are active on watch forums and the watch scene here but I believe a great majority don't ever visit any forums and don't see it as a something to get into though they may have super mega collections or have very nice and expensive pieces. Different strokes for different folks of course...

But for those who do participate in the virtual world, its a really great thing. As you can learn so much from the great forums out there and you can discuss things with participants and collectors all over the world who have interesting and varied views and vast amounts of knowledge in some cases.

Sometimes we take the next step and meet up in the real world with like minded watch enthusiasts and collectors and we share of our passions and our stories... it could be tales of good hunts in the past or of the hunt for the next one... and at get togethers be it between 2 watch enthusiasts or much more, theres the chance of seeing the next piece or making sure that certain watches do or don't call out to you. i think this is a really great thing and I for one am happy to play a part in organising the Singapore Timezone GTG. I look forward to meeting up with you there.

The following photos and watches belong to a great guy which I am happy to call a good friend and who has aided me in the organisation of the GTG.

Pam 195, Fiddy and 249 Cali

Photos courtersy of Mr SC Lau

Friday, 6 July 2007

California show your teeth...She's my priestess, I'm your priest

I dream of blue hands. Its hype but its some powerful mojo they got going on over at paneristi. A review of that pheonomenal site will happen in time but for now, lets just talk about some of the fine watches in their collection and enjoy looking at some fine pics of em shall we.

The original cali watch had a rolex dial, rolex case, rolex movement ordered by panerai. I'll stop there :) it came out 1936, 2 years before that other vintage 1938 radiomir which can be found as the 21, the first special edition and the 232, released the same year as the cali ie 2006 and thus overshadowed.

the 249 california ... its called cali because thats
where the original dials were made :)

The Egiziano... It is a monster sized 60mm watch for the Egyptian navy, about
50 of them made... I believe they will reissued soon :) will sell by the truckloads

the 203 ... owners of this watch will be crucified if they flip it
but alot do so sadly. select number of folk was chosen to get one of these
babies as it had original angelus 8 day movements but once some knew
the price potential they started selling em for silly money... same thing
happened for the 195s (pvd luminors with owners name on the caseback)

overshadowed by its right handed sibling the 127, 1950 fiddy...
the 217 marina militaire, fiddy destro is a great watch. wear it on the left and
the crown guard ain't gonna dig into your wrist like the fiddy :)
plusses : 47mm, crown guard on the left, nice oem strap
marina militaire wording(much better than 1950)

new contender for the hot watch from panerai...
not many pvd pams around and they're all luminors...
the first ceramic pam is in the case of a radiomir black seal... the 292
uhm... i'll pass. i'd rather hold out for a ceramic luminor of fiddy cased one

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Alinghi win the 32nd Americas Cup

1 second winning margin!!! way cool :) congrats to team alinghi

the rise of the incursore

fantastic writeup on these boys who fought for their country on wiki... do note that i am no supporter of war or for the axis of evil yuh :) i hate all war and all crazy dictators. this bobble head toy was bought because of its association with panerai. check out the 2nd pic to see that he's wearing a compass, depth gauge and watch by officine panerai :) love it

damn cool ... skull and a rose

mean lookin ... r u talking to me?

ready for my mission sir...

Team Alinghi and ETNZ ... 32nd Americas Cup

Difficult for the folks in Singapore to access any footage of this. Some online resources available of course and you can check out whats on at the 32nd Americas cup website...

I will be trying to catch the possibly last race today from this site... looking at the computer graphic boats :) Go Alinghi!!! Also if you want to support the great team with Audemars Piguet logos emblazoned on the boat do pop by the alinghi shop and get your own alinghi gear... Yup it doesn't have to be an unobtainable TA :)

SUI 100 ... Defender

defender and challenger

top of the line... urwerk

if you're thinking space ship, you are not alone... this can't be a watch can it? :)

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