Friday, 11 June 2010

It Just Works... the Richard Mille RM11 in Rose Gold

ok lets see... home mortgage payments to sort out... can i spare S$85k for this?? :)

metals can make a watch... the same way certain colors suit certain cars and certain colors don't, the same can be said of watches. of course folks like to have a choice and one mans meat is... well u know how that one ends :) but for me, my minds made up. the RM11 in white metal doesn't work for me. I have held several variants of the RM11 in white metal (click for past posts with RM11s POST1 POST2) and it was ok... not so bad... ok... but for me personally i would want to do better than 'just ok' and this RM11 FM RG does just dat... in spades ;)

let's see 'start/stop' 'reset/fly-back' not really necessary impo

the pushers from the side though are gorgeous and so's the crown. wonderful detailing which makes the RM10 seem bland...

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a mille in the hand...

buying a mille for quality finishing is like buying a porn film for its plot... that said, the finishing is passable

same vaucher base as the RM10 with dubois depraz chrono module... no great shakes just a very nicely realised machine aesthetic

gentlemen start your engines!! hmm it'll go well with an exotic ;)


Wu Tang said...

I don't get it. These watches Are garish and have little resale value. Give me a true watchmaker like fp journe anyday

raphael too said...

Hi Wu Tang
Thanks for your comment. Its not for everyone and thats why theres variety.
i welcome the variety and different interpretations but do draw the line at some really crazy stuff (Romain Jerome, artya and the like).
the RM to me is a great looking sports watch and does appeal to a number of folks who like sports watches.
FP Journe as well makes amazing looking watches, in a more classical sense but with a lot of distinct flair. they present very different propositions.
i do agree that resale is not fantastic on RMs but that is the same for Journe which also has soft resale values even though he is as u say a 'true watchmaker'.
cheers, raph

Anonymous said...

I disagree with WU Tang. Whether or not you like the design you cant help but admire the craftsmanship that has gone into producing each of their watches. Not a big fan of the rose gold either but I like some of their variants.Plus i very much doubt anyone who can afford a Richard Mille watch is worried about resale value. People who buy their watches are looking for something exclusive and diffident. Comparing Fp Journe to Richard Mille is like comparing a Lamborghini with a Rolls Royce. Two completely different companies with different philosophies

Anonymous said...

"Plus i very much doubt anyone who can afford a Richard Mille watch is worried about resale value."

Plenty of my collector friends do worry about RM's resale actually. Watches are still cheaper than a good car which makes it a very affordable thing to buy.

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