Thursday, 20 June 2013

my first live teaser shot of the Opus 3... more will follow :)

a mate with an amazing watch collection added this masterpiece to it recently... the Harry Winston Opus 3... for some info about it click here LINK a lengthier post with an orgy of evidence of how much I love this piece will follow soon :)

A Real Opus... A Real Masterpiece... Harry Winston, Max Busser, Vianney Halter, Pascal Pages, Renaud et Papi

in non watch related news... Singapore's air quality has become total crap because of Sumatra fires. the dudes there want to level the land and refertilise it for planting stuff so an entire nation suffers. i'm down with swollen irritated eyes, nose irritation and headaches... hence the advisory:

and if you're going... 'ah raph, how bad can it be?' the nea site reported the haze psi level to be 172 when I took the pic below. last night it went to 321(of course that will make any speedy 321 owner think of their cal ;) and now folks believe the nea site ( ) is keeping the numbers low at the start of the day so that folks will go into work when the air haziness is visibly worst than what the rating level says it is... conspiracy theories arising... think about the hundreds of millions or more lost ~ tourists leaving and avoiding and probably swearing not to return to smoggy island, reputation as clean green garden city down the dumpster, loadsafolks on mc and overall productivity down cause of being affected, folks in construction potentially having to halt works if the air is hazardous for the health, cancellation of outdoor events etc etc etc 
speaking of 321s... I can't help myself :)  


1 comment:

Stefano said...

I love that 321! The Opus is "ok" ;-P Take care and avoid the haze as much as possible.

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