Saturday, 10 September 2016

Seiko PADI Turtle ... A Beautiful Watch and some other watches with blue and red in 'em

If you check out some other Seiko posts in this blog, u will know I love the Seiko turtles :) they were a great vintage design 
and now they're a great looking modern watch. some slight differences but overall it's a cool modern version of the vintage... 
my mate Stefano sharing his PADI turtle with mePhotobucket
Some basic math... Seiko Turtle + PADI certification does not equal Seiko PADI turtle :(

the watch barista and his PADI turtle... BIG THUMBS UP!!!

chilling with another watch with red and blue in it... well a very light blue and fuchsia... i love these faded gmt bezels
this is a legit one as verified by my Rolex servicer uncle Lim at Top Hour :)

but I will go for the non-faded ceramic pepsi inserts too! WHHHYYYYY not in STEEL??!!?? WHHHHYYYY??? 

and that's it for now... have a great weekend boyz and girlz. cheers, raph

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