Friday, 23 February 2007

"It comes back looking like new" A Rolex Servicing Exclusive

Rolex Servicing - A Before and After Exclusive by Raphmeister

A lot of folks make this comment about Rolex servicing when they send their watch in for an overhaul which is right on the money which is “it comes back like new” but they don’t show or have pics for what they mean by that which is something I have sought to rectify. So here for you my visitor is an exclusive on Rolex servicing standards (I may be wrong but I haven’t found this in other rolex forums / sites etc). Do note that I took these pics some time back so they aren’t the best quality but I did try my best then.

What comes back from the Service Centre? An international service guarantee, receipt telling you what they charged you for the work, care instructions, polishing cloth and green faux leather pouch and a Rolex that looks brand spanking new.

Rolex Singapore's service should be commended as well. Very professional and the whole experience was really good. Oh and just to add, my Sub was exhibiting no issues on timekeeping, I just thought it would be good to give the gal a treat being such a trusty and faithful companion.

The complete overhaul cost me S$370 which is about US$240 and replacement of the sapphire crystal because of some breakage cost me S$113 which is about US$74. This is about 10% of what I paid for the watch which I find to be rather reasonable. A little history of the watch that went in, it was in really bad shape having gone through a lot of abuse in its 4+ years on my wrist as a daily beater and without care or cleaning. This shot below of the grime should give you a clue but check out the after shot on the right… “Very nice” (a la Borat) : )

Other before and after shots follow … (Please click on the images for a larger pic)

Hope you enjoyed that and now know what it means when they say it comes back looking new cause thats what really happens :)

Rolex Submariner No Date 14060M - Basking


Julian Si said...

Hi Raphael,

Nice blog you have there :-) Got hooked up with you on your FB group thru Justin, and its coming together nice! Cheers dude :-)

Fellow ACSian..

ps - Some pix from IWC and Rolex launches are on my blog, just type in those brand names on the top left hand search box.

Ron Freeman said...

Very informative. Thank you for sharing your experience regarding your Rolex service.

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