Sunday, 18 February 2007

She wore LEMON .... u2

2007 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme W-Alarm & Valentino Rossi edition watches

Some interesting posts on this have been put up already.

On the forums: (allowed, disallowed, embargoed, moratoriums... whatever)
The one at Horomundi - Article by Jaw, who for those of you who don't know, was a JLC forum moderator on thepurists for a long time. JLC advocate with loadsa-exclusives which even now as an editor/moderater at Revolution and Horomundi he continues to enjoy. Respected in the horology field.
Story of who gets to release it first at Horomundi - Just plain weird...
the one at thepurists - gone and still gone. well if horomundi has plastered it all over the net than why can't thepurists do so?

On the blogs:
Velociphile - He knows his JLCs and has some thoughts on the upcoming ones...
Kronos - Great observations and very interesting posts. Gisele and Kate huh :)


On all this embargo rubbish, why bother? Its not like leaking out nuclear weapon design now issit? Is it gonna affect sales or is it some marketing ploy or is it about giving exclusives to this or that guy... smells like a bullcrap to me...

On the watch... I will begin by saying that there are some JLCs I like, and I have an idea for what would be an ideal JLC for me which I'll post about another time, but this and the other new releases you can read about in all its gory details in the horomundi post, is really going the wrong way imho. There are some monsters out there already, the disgusting ones at Z......(guess the rest of the name :) come to mind but it seems JLC designers are sadly going the same way with these ones. Lets hope they have other better releases up their sleeves as it is still a watch house I really like.

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