Tuesday, 16 October 2007

these 2 should complete my collection of Gs : )

G-shocks are fun watches. Its also cool that most of them cost so little and you can easily satisfy any collecting bug you may have unlike haute de gamme or haute horlogerie pieces... but I have acquired quite a fair number to date so will pause on getting any more of these now. Oh and these will definitely be the first watches my son gets from me before the Rollie and AP etc :)

2 squares I really craved came in this week. the first one...
full frontal of my DW-5600C-9B circa 1990s ~ first issued in 1992

the mix of colours on this piece is just amazing

next, the reissue of the first G-shock the DW-5000 ~ the first g-shock DW-5000C-1A came out in 1983 and these came out in 2000, the DW-5000-1JF


harkening back to the roots of G...

my 4 squares

state of the collection - 4 squares with my 3 froggies

1 comment:

Adam H. said...

Fantastic collection ~
I've been wanting one of those yellow 5600 series for years now. And can't find...

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