Wednesday, 11 June 2008

2 GMTs in 1 day :)

Had an interesting day with a mate of mine. We both got ourselves some nice Rolex GMTs :) His is the new and advanced GMTII ceramic and mine would be the vintage matte tritium dial with no quickset date oldie(but goodie) on the right :)

2 beauties ... able to help its happy owners know wat time it is
in different timezones


among the new bunch of Rolexes, I think this
would be one of the best models around


but my heart is of course with the 1675 :) I am awaiting a pepsi bezel
and once thats in, it'll be on it soooo fast ;)

nice fonts on the bezel and cool bracelet and clasp

the click on changing the date of this watch is awesome...
but i foresee a fair bit of winding
in my future

hairy... uh furry wrist shot ;)

up close with patina... matte tritium dials RULE :)

and a wristshot to work the next day

lovely... even without the pepsi ;)


All in all, 2 great acquisitions in a day. Both are lovely watches to me and most importantly, they're Rolexes :) Hope you enjoyed this short post. Cheers, Raph


J. Peter@watchmakingblog said...

Those are beautiful watches. I especially like the new GMT- Master II with the ceramic bezel. I love the way the bezel rotates it has a great feel to it.

You say they are telling time in different timezones. Unless the timezones are exactly 12 hours apart you have four indicators of the same timezone in that picture.

raphmeister said...

hey there, the gmt master iic is cool indeed.

on the comment of telling time in different timezones, i have revised it in the post... i originally didn't mean that it was doing it in that pic just that it can do it is all :)


Stefano said...

Nice Rolexes, look forward to seeing the Pepsi bezel on.

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