Wednesday, 8 April 2009

yes i am still loving my cal 321 speedmaster

as noted in my post below... baselworld came out with a new speedy to commemorate the 40th year of the moon landing... Speedmaster Apollo 11 “40th Anniversary” watches...

A special limited edition of 69 pieces in platinum will be available at the Omega Boutique in New York City

for me... i am still loving this one... 145.012... nice little sea monster ;)

861 or variants, co-axial etc etc etc... this is still the original and what they tested for space flight

catching some rays as it reenters earth orbit from its moon mission ;)

oh yes... am still loving this loads :) only question is why do people buy the new limited edition ones (of which there are many commemorating this that and the other) when they can have something horologically significant like this for about the same $$$


Anonymous said...

Hi mate,

If i want a "new" speedmaster pro, which one to get? What's special about the 50th Anniversary Speedy vs this new 40th Anniversary vs the regular speedy professional?

Seems buying a new watch is one of the most frustrating and enjoyable experience. I've decided there is no point getting a rolex as it is as common as mackers (quiet like the milgauss lv though, the rest don't quiet appeal to me)... IWC is really good but there is something that stops me from pulling the trigger... Have looked at Glashutte and Breitling as well... I have a simple criteria... max budget USD 8K, something that can be worn with a suit as well as with denims... looks classy. Is that too much to ask?

By the way... quiet enjoy your posts... keep it up and let the photos and your comments roll.

raphmeister said...

Hi Ozind

first of all thanks. i am sorry to say though that i am clueless about the new speedys.. theres just so many variations of them and so many different styles, meaning different dial colors, different crystals, sapphire or steel casebacks, all kinds of different wordings commemmorating this that and the other...which is why i chose to keep it simple and get a real classic. for the modern speedys, get one that gets the most checks across those factors noted above.

for me based on your criteria, i would stretch that usd8k a little and get an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15300. pre-owned is cheaper of course but brand new shouldnt be too far off.. can be worn with suit or jeans and very classy.

see my recommendations here

hope u continue enjoying the blog.


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