Sunday, 18 October 2009

some changes to timetapestry... leaner and meaner ;)

hi all, i was surfing outside the comfort of my home today and when i decided to have a look at the blog it took FOREVER to load. too many big pics which i figure u all like so i ain't gonna get rid of em ...

an example here... checkout what the tooth fairy left me ;)

but i am including a "expand/collapse" link in the posts from now on... you can see it below... do click it ;)

[ click to read the rest of the post... expand / collapse ]

so hopefully entering timetapestry won't be a pain and for new posts that u want to read u can expand on them. hope this works out for all :)

do leave me feedback if u want any other site changes and i'll see if i can sort it out... eg. if u would rather have the old format back where every picture & the whole post is shown without the expand/collapse feature do let me know. my return visitors may have as part of their timetapestry browsing clicked on the link and made a cup of coffee before returning to their PCs to read the blog in the past :)

additional note... i won't be posting for awhile so do check out the past posts yuh. there's a fair amount of info through these 2+ years and although i have moved on from some things, most of the posts still have truths or my current views on things. till i am back then... enjoy your journey ;)

wallpapers of the gb as it was requested for from a mate... 1680 * 1050

and 1600 * 1200

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