Tuesday, 29 December 2009

acquisition philosophy 2010... we'll see how long it lasts ;)

i had the chance to take pictures of some cool sporty watches recently. the first two shown here i would personally consider to be very very nice watches and it had crossed my mind to buy them during the course of 2009... but a truth can be learnt from looking at them (and others like the PAM 000 Base Logo and Royal Oak 15300...) and that truth is this... there are many many many many nice watches out there and a lot of them would be really nice to have... folks will have different desires/fires burnin in them to acquire these nice watches, but i think whats important is not the acquisition of the many that are nice (based on each individuals preference) but of acquiring the truly special pieces that will hopefully be life long keepers (without much issues hopefully)... that said, i still think all the watches below would look pretty damn good in my watch box and one or 2 may fall in the 'special piece category'... possibly... maybe... :)

royal oak offshore bumblebee... yes its good looking but the downsides? both forged carbon and ceramic chip and there ain't nothin u can do about that... replacing bezels and cases will cost a lot... [of course you could take care not to chip the ceramic and scratch the forged carbon :)]


still... its awfully nice... picking up the color scheme from a grail ROO... the end of days...

next mr. orange... the orange hand explorer ii... folks didn't really care much for it when it was first launched and it languished in AD's windows... 'languished'!! what a word to use with a watch that has since become much appreciated... with prices rising to over S$20k for some time now...



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in terms of all rose gold ROOs, there are not that many... waitaminute, actually there are quite a few... the arnold all stars, the pride of russia, don ramon and perhpas others? whatever the case, its a ROO limited edition which AP churns out many of, so others are bound to pop up... well its still a very nice metal for a ROO as evidenced in the watches mentioned above and the RG Rubberclad



Vintage Daytona... Many lovely dial variations out there and many associate those with different color sub-dials and panda dials with Mr. Cool himself, Paul Newman...


last two are of watches mentioned at the start of the post... all definitely maybes :) Royal Oak 15300... all the design excellence of the original jumbos and using the newer in house cal vs the JLC based cal in the 15202... nothing wrong with either in my view...

Pam 000 Base Logo... simple and nice... Pams with too much going on on their faces just don't do it for me much... this is a lovely piece...

thats all for now... or is it? i did ask a number of watch enthusiasts recently what was their dream watch acquisition for 2010... we all know we will buy someting right, as saying you won't get a watch in one whole year is just ridiculous for watch lovers :) what is my answer though? what is my dream watch acquisition for 2010 that fits or complements my current collection?
time will tell! :) have a good year ahead in 2010...& a Happy New Year! cheers, raph


Anonymous said...

Happy 2010 Raph.

Nice series of watches. Must say I like all of them, like you.

My greatest catch of 2009...
1. Rolex Orange Hand.
2. IWC Portuguese 2000
3. Pam 1A

My 2010 dream? Probably a precious metal piece and another vintage piece. A RG/Plat Lange perhaps!


Raphael Too said...

Wow Chris, all great catches! Happy 2010 to you and many more happy acquisitions ahead :)


Johnny said...

Hey Raph!

As for an all RG APROO, my pick of the lot would definately be the Don Ramon de la Cruz! Simply fantastic looking piece.

Thanks for a very nice blog by the way, and best wishes for 2010!

May all your grail dreams come true... :D


Raphael Too said...

Hi Johnny, thanks for your comments mate. The Don Ramon, dats the one i forgot the name of... updated this post... thanks.
Best wishes to you in 2010 too.
cheers, raph

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