Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Got time on my hands :) A Quick Look At Lange's Upsized Up Down Datograph


So thoughts? It's better that they increased the diameter to 41mm as it was a bit thick for 39mm. at the same time though, they didn't make it any thinner so its gone from 12.8 to 13.1 which isn't much but i'd have to feel it in the metal to see if it feels proportionate or a tuna can. weight distribution while it sits on a wrist may be a consideration too. the original felt like a plat ingot on the wrist at times.

AB/AUF = Down/up = power reserve(PR) is upped from 38 hours to 60 hours and there is a new power reserve indicator at the 6 o'clock position which wasn't there on the original. i like more PR, the new PR indicator is a question mark still, especially the red on the dial... the roman numerals II, VI, X on the original are gone which visually makes me feel the new dial is a bit more sparse where my mind believes these romans to be, being used to seeing the original, but if i only saw this watch by itself and not do a side by side i would say this dial is cleaner, less 'packed' in a sense. oh and the date display has been increased by 4% :) its still a flyback and maintains most of the aesthetic cues of the original which means its a very handsome piece.


what u can be assured of too is the extremely fine finishing from Lange, probably the best movement finishing in a production watch, gorgeous multi-layered movement in German silver, the chaton settings, similar as the original with added PR stuff of course.

for this watch lover, the original will always have an important place, being birthed in 1999 and under the watchful gaze of Gunter Blumlein but this new datograph is a great evolution of the piece and both are wonderful and worthwhile acquisitions in any fine watch collection. if u can't get both it might come down to size(relative to your wrist size), price(a factor since u can't get both. the old can be had for below S$50k for the plat. not sure about the new ones pricing as yet), and feel of both on your wrist and how u feel with them on. i hope to do an in the metal review in time, the only issue i think is that i may not want to give the watch back if i have it in my hands ;) cheers


i have some live original dato pics here


Stefano said...

I truly admire the effort from ALS to increase the size of the watch, not being lazy by putting the same movement in a bigger case, instead they increased the size of the movement in a bigger case. The original Dato's size is still acceptable for a dress chrono, but a few people with big wrists will appreciate the bigger size.

IMO the new Dato looks bloated because the strap size and lug width is not increased in proportion, so the watch looks rounder and sticks out more from the lugs.

I also miss the roman numerals, it was a Dato signature detail IMO. The dial looks empty.

Not really crazy about the longer power reserve and power reserve indicator. This watch is such a joy to wind....why wait longer to do it.

Lastly, the "DATOGRAPH FLYBACK" text was not proportionately increased and now it looks lost in that empty dial.

ALS decided to update their iconic chronograph, not an easy task, but they have done a great job. I reserve final judgement when I see it in the metal. In the meantime, the original is still my favourite Dato and chrono.

raphael too said...

Hi Stefano, thanks for your comment and review! :)
I agree the Dato size is fine for a dress chrono, my issue was with its proportion to its thickness. so i would be fine if it was 39 but not so thick if that were at all possible without reducing the beauty of that movement :)
never considered the lug width thing. so its 20mm at the lugs. maybe upping it to 21mm would be better... the 5070 is 42mm and 21mm at the lugs as a comparo.
agreed the dial seems a bit sparse and i do miss the romans on it. i too reserve final judgement till i see it in the metal :)
in the dressy chrono range, the dato and the 5070 rules impo. thanks for sharing and enjoy your dato!
cheers, raph

Gavan said...

Happy new year Raph!

raphael too said...

Thanks Gavan! Happy New Year to you too! :)

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