Saturday, 23 July 2016

Where to buy Seiko in Singapore & Sea Turtle Rises

Per earlier posts, a recommended Seiko dealer is Mr Goh at K2 so if he has it, buy it from him. I get nothing for recommending him and that's fine by me. He deserves all the business that goes his way as he is honest and a gent. He also happens to have these watches on hand and if u be craving for turtle soup turtles... u got to head down to Uncle. 

Recommended Seiko seller/servicer/modder ;)
  • K2 Watch Company run by Mr Goh since 1982 (30+ years... It's a local horological institution ;) 
  • Add: 845 Geylang Road, #03-K1 Tanjong Katong Complex, Singapore 400845
  • Tel : 67460270 
  • Opening Hours: Weekdays and Satday 2-9pm, sun: 3-7pm, public hol: best to call to check if he'll be open
  • If you have the model name/reference on hand, check if he sells it and if he does, then buy it from him 
Now let's see some turtles!

first up is my old turtle... vintage-y and wonderful :) serviced at K2
now joined by 4 new turtles! (note there's a cool padi version but i think that's a bit overpriced. 
apols for the shoddy iphone pix that follow too) these regular versions are not though and are 
around S$360 to $400 for the Made in Japan J versions. SRP779, SRP773, SRP777, SRP775 from left to right
so the original contenders for my $$$ were the blue and the one with gold bits... 
which on the net looked pretty cool
& the old adage applies... try before u buy :) based on in the metal views, the blue does it for
 me but as it is sooo close to the original black i am not sure i needs it...
the pepsi-ish bezel version
Uncle modded this piece with a sapphire dome crystal... Very nice. i think it adds $60 to the cost
 (u check with him) and he can do the swap on the spot
diving in the ocean... 
hmm should I buy the watch just for the blue bezel? i think i won't as i have my old trusty turtle and 
may swap the bezel in future for the fun of it (when these blue bezel pop up for sale)

that's it for now. hope u enjoyed this turtle power(!) post :) cheers, raph

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