Saturday, 3 February 2007

Bit by the Panerai Bug?

I had initially dismissed this brand thinking it was more a fashion brand. The word dubious is often used when talking about the brand history and one should recognise that they are part of the Richemont group with huge resources at their disposal to make the most of the brand. From the marketing genius and machinery to the manufacture capabilities they have in JLC, IWC and Lange, all at their disposal. So the brand is growing and changing and it has launched an in house movement. 8 day power reserve in 3 barrels and all. (Memorable quote just came into my head "with three barrels on him...not with three he can't" Quint from Jaws before he got all chewed up. Sorry for sidetracking :)

Another large part of owning a Panerai seems to be the community. Big ups to the folks there as they seem to be a solid bunch of people who keep the passions burning. Something about the little Hammers too, but I digress again. Ok lets try and do this.

- Good size for folks who like em big
- Unique design (You ain't gonna mistake it for any other brand)
- Straps galore
- Great community

- With some of the handwinding models, you got to handwind like forever for like 2 days power reserve
- Quality may be suspect
- PRICE PRICE PRICE (47mm with a unitas movement going for what !!??!!)

Overall I haven't come to a conclusion on this brand and whether I will come to own one in the future but its an interesting watch brand and I suspect we'll see more good things from it in future.

What are your thoughts on Panerai?

(Photos courtesy of SC Lau)

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