Friday, 2 February 2007

Best GMT / Dual Time / World Time Watches

Probably one of the most useful functions on a watch in our current day and age are watches that can show multiple times. Many people travel all over the globe for business and in some countries you can cross several timezones too. So if you wanted to put down good money for it, these are just some of what I believe to be the better dual time watches out there.

Best Dual Time Watches :
2006 AP RO Dual Time(gorgeous), VC Overseas Dual Time(I find that it does look good in the rose gold and chocolate dial version), Lange 1 Timezone(pricey but perfect), JLC Reverso Grande GMT(a tad small for my taste but real nice execution)

Best for 1/2 Hour & 1/4 Hour Deviation from GMT Locations (India, Australia, NZ etc) : I never thought this would happen but... its the Franck Muller Master Banker where you can set a third time zone independantly of the other 2 that should be standard GMT hour. I am not 100% sure but I think this is one of the only watches out there that allows this and kudos to them for it.

Best Worldtimer: I believe it has to be this one... Patek 5130... Louis Cottier... shows time in all 24 cities simultaneously... a decent 39.5mm size (much better than older and smaller pateks in my opinion)

Which would be your choice?

1 comment:

Speedmaster said...

I would choose the Patek and JLC. ;-)

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