Friday, 2 February 2007

The name is Bond... James Bond & The Bond Watch

There is a LOT of information about Rolex on the web, a lot of people who love or love to hate this brand. I shan't go into that right now. I just want to address one thing here first, and that is what is the watch for Bond. Tacky marketing toys with 007 plastered all over the dial need not apply yuh.

Ian Fleming wrote that Commander Bond wore a Rolex. Sean Connery, the ultimate Bond for many and myself wore a Rolex No Date Submariner and thats that really.
There's no what would Bond wear today questions needed. Bond wore and would wear this.

The Rolex Submariner. In its earlier guises, 5513 to its present, the 14060M which sports an improved caliber in the 3130, with a balance bridge, Breguet overcoil hairspring and new reversers for the automatic in house movement, beats at 28,800bph. It s very accurate on and off my wrist. For my own model, I recorded spot on or +1sec a day accuracy.

For the men out there familiar with Bond or grew up with Sean or even Roger as Bond, don't tell me you never fantasized or daydreamed that you were the suave spy, all gussied up in a tux, licensed to whop someone's ass or fry it in a bathtub whenever he felt like it.. "Shocking" or have his way with the ladies "why Pussy..."

Well, it may sound stupid but when I have my Sub on a NATO strap, I half expect to see Ursula Andress coming out of the waves, and lilting tones coming my way "underneath the mango tree me honey and me come watch for the moon, underneath the mango tree, me honey and me make boolaloop soon..." Just kidding :)

For me anyways this is Bond's watch, accept no substitutes. (pics of my baby below)


KronosClub said...

Fantastic post!!! Keep this up and welcome to the Blogger community.

raphmeister said...

Thanks a lot D :) Will try to keep it up.

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