Wednesday, 28 March 2007

I believe "shaved" ... oops I mean "shoes" is the expression

;) reliving an american pie moment there. sorry got to get my mind out of the gutter... oh and they have beaver straps too... hmmm

Anyways, new "shoes", read straps for my 111. Its fun to switch them around and you can do it all very easily. All you need is the screwdriver provided in the pearwood box and a pair of pliers(your own) to pull out the pin holding the pre-v buckle to the strap and you're ready to roll... I've seen lots of folks on the forums with amazing strap collections... Simonas, Dirks, Gregs Crazy Horse, WWII Ammo, OEMs etc etc etc but I don't think I am going down that path... not yet anyways.

Wanted to add that I got my PAM from a very nice gentleman and because the original strap my watch came in had some pen marks on it, he was kind enough to let me swap it to another OEM strap and voila, I got my favourite OEM strap from him, the one that normally comes with the panerai 172 tantalum... the Calf gold Montecarlo... delicious

Old Shoes & ... Yummy movemet... An ETA!? the hell u say

looks like another rubber lover ... new shoes ripped right offa the 172


wristshot ... & I couldn't help it... the sunrise today :)

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