Saturday, 28 April 2007

Getting it soooo right... the Rubens Barichello II in Titanium

This is the kind of watch you release to shut any critic up. I have offered constructive criticisms in the past on AP and the LE madness with color and strap changes and different casebacks, but this is something else. The association with a second rate driver (but a nice guy) is totally unnecessary impo. The design of the watch speaks for itself. (of course with the brazillian connection the sub-dial pointers can have the cool yellow green and blue of the brazillian flag which is very nice).

Only possible to get list price at the boutique or with a premium at an AD and sold out throughout the world. Expect to pay a high premium on the secondary market for this one as demand is HOT. Whereas some watches dissapoint in the metal compared to the photoshopped press pics, the same can't be said for this baby. This one is getting on my "grail watch" list.

Until the day i get to spend some one on one time shooting this baby, will have to make do with the press pics for now... checkout tz and purists ap forum for live shots taken by lucky owners of this wonderful watch.

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