Tuesday, 19 June 2007

how do i get that kicka$$ strap & more quick and dirties

Hi all, quite a number of people have asked how they can get the absolutely fantastic strap from gregoire... the reply is just below the pic :)

got my pvd logo buckle from strapculture last night


Its not so easy to get one. I think even if you emailed him he would tell you to keep a lookout on the accessories corner(AC) of paneristi as from time to time he will put up for sale posts with some of his great work. I think this is his preferred way to sell his straps so best to hit refresh on the AC to see if he's posting any :) You could also drop him an email at g r e g o i r e.tex ie r@ gm ail. com (remove all spaces) and give it a try... Hope this helps


Some more shots of this amazing strap with the buckle i ordered for it :) the postman must love me the buckle and the hole were all sorted out yesterday and these shots taken in the evening

absolutely bad a$$

conventional wisdom is to take the buckle with the same kind of finishing as your watch
i say to heck with convention. polished pam with pvd buckle rox ;)

because someone asked as well, let me say its a tough strap, thick and made of vintage leather and with a nice gunpowder scent to boot... i can find no faults with this strap... it is bulletproof :)

no prizes for guessing whats on my wrist today :)

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