Saturday, 1 September 2007

New Toys... G-Shocked

With the arrival of my son, I have taken to wearing my G-shocks a lot more around the house and when I am with him on some outings. This is because I wouldn't want to bang my Panerai or Offshore on any part of him and hurt the little fella and he also grabs at my watches a fair bit so i dont want him to cut himself on any metal edges... So as I was wearing more of my G-shocks which till recently numbered 3 frogmans, i thought I could add a couple more for variety.

Dropped by the Casio G-Shock forum on Watchuseek and the addiction is setting in :) i got delivery from a great guy on the forum, Dragonjade who is my preferred G-pusher

I open up the box and ... damn the guy must have got it wrong, I didn't order chocolates... but waitaminute wat are those Gs in the background about

oooh what do we have here...

2 beautiful squares... the drooling began...

I'm officially addicted



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