Friday, 7 September 2007

The ONE you waited for... SINGAPORE TZ GTG with Hublot & Hour Glass

I've gotten amazing feedback from everyone who attended so far and its really because we had such a wonderful crowd at this GTG. Watch enthusiasts from TZ and Horomundi who were all keen on sharing their passions and their love for watches in all shapes colors and forms

There were also an amazing array of BIG BANGS on wrists and circulating at the event and it was just fantastic.

I may sound repetitive but I would again like to extend HUGE thanks to Mr Biver for his great support, Michael and Jacqueline from the Hour Glass who have both been tremendous, and most of all to the attendees... it would not have been such a fantastic night without such a great crowd. THANKS EVERYONE... & I'll let the pictures do the talking

early birds catch the BIVER FEVER

Phil30 and his lovely wife and the raphmeister

Hublotistas in full effect

Mr Michael Tay, a visionary with TEMPUS

The Man Himself ... Full of Passion & Verve

A wonderful speech... you don't have to take my word for it
everyone who was there enjoyed it

Pictures to prove the point

Alex with the Tempus Limited Edition All Black Big Bang

Group Pics follow...

Local WIS inspecting the watches Could it be Zach?

Must have a closer look

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