Saturday, 17 November 2007

GOTCHA!!! Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph

Damn what a mouthful and what a watch... Designed by the lovely Magali (her uhm ... uh surname, Metrailler, is another mouthful ;) ... vavavavoom ...

I prefer this to many of the newer designs she came out with after this, but of course she is an outstanding designer with many years ahead of her in the watch industry... hmm and she does have to stick to JLC's line's design uh lines etc so it may be about revamping stuff and if some of em were sucky to begin with then... but i digress... (and of course suckiness is subjective)

So this is my promotion watch and is a gift for myself for climbing another rung up the corporate ladder... (watch nuts love coming up with special and weird occasions to celebrate a purchase)

come to papa... hot doggie

very easy to figure out functions and set the worldtime. done in a cinch and so very easy to read time around the world. LOVE IT :-*

obligatory hairy wrist shot... its more suited for larger wristed
members of the species
especially for the rubber strap as it
is structured slightly rigidly for a few cm
after the lugs...
excellent strap change mechanism that should be on ALL watches

and pictured here too is my first promotion watch and one
I will never part with...will be a gift to my son someday
it had to be this of course :) Rolex Submariner


Harry Bishop said...

I have to admit, I prefer the Rolex! My likes seem to be with understated watches with less complications these days. And that's a great one to leave to your son some day, great choice.

Harry Bishop

raphmeister said...

Its a classic man :) Thanks.
Will check out your site sometime and may add it to my links soon.

Anonymous said...

hi, congratulations, the jlc is an extremly fine watch. I think I will buy one of my own in the very near future. Especially the combination of world-timer and chrono is fantastic. The design is also first-class. The only thing which could be better is the polished case. For my opinion it would look better, if the case was matt instead of polished.

Kenny said...

Hey Raphael, is the world time disc driven by the movement or do you need to manually turn the crown to tell world time?


raphael too said...

i can't remember now :) sorry mate. let me see if i have some old pics that can jog my memory. sold it off awhile back. cheers

Kenny said...

Appreciate it. Pity you sold it, lovely piece.

raphael too said...

hi kenny, from what i recall, you can easily tell the world time easily. i believe the 24 hour disc moves to enable that but may be better to check with jlc forums on the web to be sure. cheers

Kenny said...

Will do. Thanks!

Kenny said...

Will do. Thanks and happy holidays.

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