Sunday, 18 November 2007

Micro GTG with another watch loving mate and an interesting insight ...

First micro GTG for my JLC MC EWC... with a brother watch from Richemont stable. IWC Ceramic Doppelchronograph Top Gun... Met up with a good mate who was a former colleague and who is potentially heading down the slippery slope of watch collecting ;)

micro gtgs or gtgs are of course par for the course... he did share about his experience with his friend's watch though and .... WOWIE... its the quenttin from a certain Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co. (in the news recently for all the wrong reasons... drug dealers and stuff) anyway based on the pic and on his take of it, this watch is FREAKIN HUGE! Its like a clock on your wrist. Probably have to be an American football player to pull this one off.

Jacob & Co are of course responsible for some of the most hideous timepieces ever created so this was a refreshing change in my mind. Going head to head with the Cabestan almost and looked pretty fine... However with its size, it probably won't be worn by anyone other than Arnie(BIG WATCH LOVER) or similar sized guys :)

my friends pic

official pic

official pic

The Quenttin Limited Edition

Case: 18K White Gold, 18K Rose Gold, Magnesium
Size: 56 x 47 x 21.5 mm
Bezel & Case: White, Rose Gold or Magnesium with carbon fiber applications on the side of the watch
Movement: Vertical mechanical movement with manual winding escapement, incorporates Swiss anchor mounted in a Tourbillion cage. This cage is suspended without roller bearings and positioned vertically. Winds with integrated key, external hand key or motorized in the box.
Caliber: 5
Power Reserve: 31 day power reserve (744 hours), supplied by the energy of 7 barrels and displayed through vertical rolls
Jewels: 40
Functions: Indications of hours, minutes, power reserve is made by vertical disks assembled coaxially
Crystal: Sapphire
Water Resistance: 100ft / 30m
Special Features: On-off key for time set up or winding; external access to the Tourbillion for fine-tuning; Tourbillion cage visible on the edge of the clock
Strap: Rubber
Warranty: 2 years
Limited Edition Series: 99 pieces in White Gold, 18 pieces in Rose Gold, 18 pieces in Magnesium, Platinum on request

Source: J&Co Site


Anonymous said...

That Jacob watch might be the ugliest timepiece I have ever seen. I thought the Zenith Extremes were bad..but I think this one takes the cake.

raphmeister said...

Haha :) For me the press pics actually looked pretty decent. However in the live pic it does look slightly ghastly but it may have been the quality of the phone camera pic.
Its size though makes it an unwearable watch probably. For ugly, its hard to beat some of their earlier designs with tons of bling and the Zeniths are a class in their own in terms of how fugly a watch can be :) cheers

Anonymous said...

You're totally right. I think any of the Jacob watches do a disservice to horological sanity.

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