Saturday, 26 January 2008

1 year since i started this... * almost *

when i started this blog close to a year ago the thing i was interested in was to share my passions and enthusiasm for watches and hopefully spur other people to get into this wonderful hobby as well. its about spreading the love... i am happy that there have been a great number of visitors to this site from all over the world since and that when some select search terms are used in google, this site does pop up in the first page of hits from time to time :) ... sorry put that down to being a proud parent...

this 1 year that i have done this blog though has been a blast for me and i have shared about things that i am passionate about and cared for. i hope it has proven of some value or interest to you who do pop by :) at the same time i wanted to apologise because there will be a definite dip in the frequency of posts as i have started a new job and the demands are higher there. coupled with time to spend with my family, it leaves very little for forum browsing or blog posting. but it'll still go on.

so 1 year on... time to do a state of the collection at this juncture... wonder what else may come or go through the year ;)

first love... submariner... clean simple and gorgeous
so what if everyone & their uncles is supposed to have it? :)

after getting deeper into watch loving, this came along..
still loving it and lots of course ;)

came down with a bad case of panerai fever... it has passed and i still think
i got the right watch out of it. not too ridiculously priced for what it is...

always loved this jlc and very happy to add it to my collection

gorgeous vintage sports with just an amazing history
classic vintage chrono movement... going to the spa for a makeover soon :)

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the anniversary buddy! Nice collection you have going! May you have many more years of watch collecting and watch blogging!

My regards to your family,


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