Wednesday, 21 May 2008

i have found what i am looking for... Rolex 5513

reference to the U2 classic of course but i have found what i am looking for i think... well for now at least;)

the brand is known to all and recently i have come full circle in appreciation of it and its products. my first rolex was a rolex submariner and my latest rolex is a rolex submariner. from a 14060m to a 5513. if u saw the prices of the recent antiquorum rolex auction, u will be bewildered at how some of these 30-50 year old Rolexes did. a lot because of one extra word on the dial "COMEX" or an additional brand noted eg. 'tiffany & co'

regardless of secondary values then, ok maybe noting it to some degree :), this is a classic design and a great looking watch. sharing my latest love then in the following pics

battered to some extent but i love it.. tritium matte dial is always a charmer

you've come a long way baby... 5513 and the
best modern evolved model of it, the 14060m


an amazing watch and happy that i could get it

my Rolexes... i wonder if theres more to come... hmmm

fuzzy wrist shot on my way to work

and at home...

i hope to recreate this ad shot soon :) stay tuned


Anonymous said...

Raph, I like has a lot of character. Which other Rolex are you thinking of next?


raphael too said...

haha :) i think i'll hold off rolexes for now... eyeing something else but we'll see...

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