Saturday, 24 May 2008

Embarking on a transatlantic crossing with IWC Schaffhausen

first off a big thank you to my wonderful hosts for the evening. Andreas, Vivien, Connie, Mike from IWC, Kong from the purists and the anyone else i missed out, hats off to you for a great night. it was a fun affair and i got to meetup again with other watch fiends, i mean, friends on a nice little quiet hill smack in the middle of town :)

fyi some list prices that i remembered... top gun chrono S$11,700. Davinci SS S$11,600. portuguese SS S$18,600.


some of the usual suspects... heading for schaffhausen


andreas... doing what he does best

uh.. IWC model number 5070... oops i think its patek... how'd that get in here?
lovely ch27-70 with a finish level that tops my lemania calibre by a bit... ok a lot :)

nice back on this JLC master control boutique ed
on moses' wrist that nite

wrist shot of a couple of purists... don't ask who's wearing the rolex..
see the post below this one :)


this one will set u back S$39,300 at list... the kurt klaus in SS. i somehow cant get
used to the new da vinci cases. they seem a bit odd to me somehow


more top guns... wonder if it will impact prices of the doppelchrono...
time will tell ;)


possibly my favorite of the reissues other than the portuguese.. the da vinci indices are really nice and the overall look of it is pretty unique and cool

portuguese in plat... bauhaus but pricey

mad grab of free watches for the night :) nothing of the sort actually
the kind folks at IWC just let us have a feel of the real deal

goodies from a lovely evening

and most importantly... very fine dinner companions

once again, kudos to all the folks involved.

my shots of the iwcs of the nite really suck big time so do check out much better shots from zach tohs post of the dinner on the 1st nite and SJX's post of the 22nd nite too on purists and kok choons post on horomundi

cheers, raph


Anonymous said...

Man! Seems I missed a great evening.


raphael too said...

it was a good event. i'll let u know of anything that happens on purists and we can go by together if we are able to :)


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