Tuesday, 5 August 2008

horologically well hung? the grand prix d'horlogerie (asia) in singapore

Singapore has been chosen to host the 1st Asian Grand Prix d'Horlogerie which is way cool. this will come about end of sept around the time of the first f1 night race in singapore.

the usual categories like best mens, ladies, complication, jewelry and collectors choice will be available - please ensure that the collectors choice goes to a deserving winner as the 2007 geneve one went to zenith!!!! egads!!

its cool to see the country getting all these cool events. i remember someone describing us once as economically well hung on account of the small size of the country and the disproportionate HUGE size of our reserves. so horologically well hung would be, small population but perhaps good champions and voices for the advancement of passion for horology? :) i would hope so...

be sure that i will share as much as i can on events i do attend right here and on some of my preferred watch forums :)

final note... edipresse and a few others will be supporting this event. edipresse have some great watch mags like gmt, revolution in their stable of publications as well. lets hope its as cool as it should be :)

Winner of the Aiguille d'Or (Golden Hand) for the 2007
Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève ... a deserving one i might add




TotalAxcess said...

The US is no longer the number one importer of swiss watches. The new number one is Hong Kong, with Singapore at number 8.

derek said...

wow singapore with just 4.84m population is no. 8! do you mind letting me know where you got this info from pls? doing some research. Thanks lots.

raphmeister said...

Hi Derek

For the year ending 2007, Singapore was 7... We'll see a continual slip in standings with China and HK buying more...


In July 08, HK overtook US


the reason why Singapore is rather high in ranking with our small population is because a lot of it is re-exported to the rest of South East Asia.


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